Tuesday, July 9, 2013

3rd year film

carnivore from Vitaliy Strokous on Vimeo.
 i tried to submit to cartoonbrew and they didnt want it and ive been slowly working less and less to try to get it finished to how i want to be. so i decided to post it as is. maybe i will add some of the shots that i rerendered.  enjoy.


Geosette said...

LOVE IT. Cool style and animation. cartoonbrew surely missed something great.

ok said...

that's stupid, shoulda seriously been on there. so you had extra shots or just touch ups? putting technical/production shit aside, the film that won left a bad taste in my mouth, cringefest

Vitaliy Strokous said...

Well had to rush compositing this whole thing, so yeah there was some animation that didn't make it in. Mostly just atmosphere stuff, like birds and water, and a few tree branches that I wanted to add to create depth. Also didnt really edit it to my liking, but whatever. Yeah I didn't really mind the cartoonbrew thing, I only applied because i could have used the moeny for loans and stuff. I really appreciate your comments man :D